#Confusion to taking Career

#Confused aspirant,s ex.picture
Today’s day to day competition life are impacting on our young generation in many fields, every sector has been packed with many burst conditions like every sector such as management, academics,& mostly major problems effect on our youths which is now most trending with the field of Govt. Job sector.this sector is a very reputable & give better life access , it,s sallary ,fame & comfortable permanent backup are made attracting among all civilian (newcomers) specially, but in this sector every years growing 1 to 2 percent only jobs over many lakhs of aspirants & few thousands & almost it’s serve only countable posts in all over our country.
What are the causes & how to overcome it,s fear etc.

Then continue this article to till end & I hope u all peoples will get some relief to read with this.

So let’s start with some cures..

      【Causes of this problem】

There are many reasons of this types burden impacts on people some problems main facts here by my depth thinking behind it.

The main big reason behind this is growing population daily to daily in majority our country.

◆ impact:daily form filling ratio is over on exact passed aspirants had became normal in every Govt. Jobs vacancies. Means job posts is not almost equal with almost applied form,s aspirants.

◆ 2nd thing; One thing u all know very well that our India is a agricultural backbone country, & our nation,s mainstream source of around 65% products make & dependent on this crop farming sector so bcuz this here is lack of industrial work & lack of resources.sustained raw materials is made only for traditional things like agriculture & some handcrafted industry.

◆ the third thing is lack of professionals in our country, means every one aspirants wants to work in public sector no one want improve their skills in their own mind & by physically made platforms.

but there is different things with other countries in only one comparison sector they are advanced in their profession bcuz their country is well maded & balanced with all maintaining sectors. 

So making all these happen things in our country we should want help to govt. To produce balance with sustainable & making artificial resources to commit better education & production jobs by taking many  raw, nano, & man crafted materials in our country then every youth can get their jobs with balancing structure..

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It is my first initiative.


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